The Quiltsmart Coat (Paperback book)

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Inspiration & guidebook to make a quilt coat!

  • Pair Quiltsmart quilt designs with a coat pattern of your choice and you’ll be hearing, “I love your coat!” everywhere you go.

  • 140 full color pages loaded with great content & inspiration!

  • Over 25 coats photographed that we have made and love!

  • QR codes to go direct to videos and information on our website!

  • Tips on construction of coats, closures, pockets, collars, hoods... and more!

  • Garment sewing and quilting skills cross over easily, but many quilters fear garments, and many garment makers fear quilting. Fear not, you’ve got this! No worries!

From Nancy Jewell, FreeSpirit Fabrics / Managing Director:

Mattie’s ingenious product makes it easy & fun for anyone to create precise quilt designs. It is the perfect foundation for makers to delve into quilting whether a Mondo Bag or a quilted coat. Proof positive is our FreeSpirit team, many of whom had never sewed prior to our collaboration with Quiltsmart. Throughout this process, they fell in love with sewing and quilting thanks to Quiltsmart which was an integral part of their success. I hope this book inspires you to take on a quilted project and you too fall in love with the JOY of sewing!”

Paperback Version (non-refundable). $26, includes 1 Smart Pockets interfacing panel (instructions are in the book).

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