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“Quiltsmart prints fusible interfacing…” What is fusible interfacing anyway?

Quiltsmart makes patterns out of lightweight, polyester interfacing with fusible adhesive dots. As opposed to paper patterns, the interfacing stays in the quilt for ease of construction and added strength and stability.

How will my product be shipped?

We ship as much as we can in packaging that is either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable (our fav choice if possible!).

We ship First Class (Economy), Priority Mail, or UPS. Shipping cost is calculated by weight. You will get an email with a tracking number. If you don't, you may call us at 541.241.7544. Sometimes the emails don't make it through spam filters. Our email comes from info@quiltsmart.com. We will never share your email address.

Are there interfacing handles included in the Mondo Bag pattern?

As of April 2018 we have updated the Mondo Bag Instructions so that the printed interfacing handles (& keystrap) are no longer necessary - you will only need the 4 rectangle grids. Instructions will be given for you to make the handles without the interfacing. We have also updated the Pocket & Key Strap instructions. This page works in conjunction with Mondo Bag instructions through Revision 9 (find Rev# in copyright under yardage chart). Please send us an email if you have any questions - we are happy to help! For more information, check out our article under "Free Downloads": Quiltsmart Mondo Bag UPDATE -April 2018

Do you make presentations to guilds and shops?

Absolutely! Mattie (and team) have taught the Quiltsmart methods in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, and around the United States, almost every state including Alaska and Hawaii. We can customize a program for you, or use one of our tried & true plans! Email us at info@quiltsmart.com for more info.

Our basic charge is $500 a day, plus travel expenses. We can do a class, a demo, or a trunk show....and tailor them to your needs or do one of our standard presentations.

What is our return policy? 

Honestly, this is not a Frequently Asked Question, but a good place to put the policy. We don’t get many returns - our product speaks for itself there. If you do need to return a product, the product needs to be in resell-able condition, and to have been purchased through our website. If it was not purchased through our website, please return it to the store where it was purchased. We will issue a refund for the product purchased minus the shipping fee when we receive he product back in good resell-able condition. The buyer is responsible for the shipping fee to return the item. Please include the sales receipt or order number with the item. Returns are accepted up to 90 days after purchase. This is because we continually update our products and so that the customers who order directly from us receive the most up to date products.

If you have any questions please contact us through email or phone.

Wholesale products are available for exchange. Please contact us with details as necessary.

Our shipping address is:
Quiltsmart, Inc.
20736 Carmen Loop #120
Bend, OR 97702

Does the ink on the interfacing come off, wash off, or smear?

Our ink is water-based, so no need to worry about chemicals, and neither the interfacing nor the ink will wash away in the washing machine.

(There was at one time a problem with a batch of interfacing we received and it caused the ink to not absorb into the interfacing. We caught the issue quickly, but if you received one of the few affected products, it might leave some residue on your sewing machine bed. If it does, simply wipe it off right away with a soft cloth (paper towel is fine) and mild dish soap or regular hand soap. Do not use anything that your machine manufacturer would not recommend to clean your sewing machine bed.)

Why does the interfacing sometimes have rough edges?

Since summer of 2020, you might notice that we are a little "rough around the edges" lately. Our supplier's cutting room was shut down due to Covid-19. We are getting interfacing in, but we are cutting it ourselves. It is not quite the same as a rotary cutter to fabric. We appreciate your patience. The edges will not affect your finished project.

Are there updates with the Double Wedding Ring Template? I made a quilt 20 years ago, want to make another.

Yes, the DWR template has changed over the years to reflect the popularity of the 2.5" fabric strips introduced many years ago. Originally, we used a 3" strip in our pattern. That had a LOT of fudge factor, and we found that the 2.5" measurement would work just fine. Not to worry! There is still some fudge factor. (We all like chocolate!) The DWR quilt can be made with either template and either size strip. In either case, the template is centered over the strip. Our newest template is 2.5" tall, and easy to work with 2.5" strips.