Pix Smart Grid

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  • Our popular grid interfacing, now upgraded!

  • Whether you call it mosaic, pixelated, watercolor, or patchwork, our new and improved Pix Smart Grid makes it a snap!

  • Sew from X to X for easy Half-Square Triangles (HSTs)! NOTE: 1" does not have "Xs" for HST.

  • Fuse fabric squares, fold on the lines, & sew for perfect intersections!

  • Choose from a variety of sizes in Straight Grid or On Point!

  • FIRST TIME USERS - Purchase the PACK which includes instructions and 4 panels of interfacing to make up to a Baby size quilt.

  • FLAG: 2.5 inch on-point grid. Either incorporate the edge squares to yield get 7 squares in height or overlap a row. The goal is to get 7 squares by 9 squares.